We help SME’s get results.

There are over 5 million small to medium businesses in the UK and a staggering 76% of one person businesses. Why? It’s a struggle. These business owners have managed to break out of the world of employment and start their own venture but then they are pulled in all directions and instead of flourishing and growing their businesses they fight a contact battle just to survive. In fact over half of SME’s fail in the first five years.

This is where we help. We believe that with the right direction, support and advice these businesses can begin to prosper and grow, and it’s our aim to help.

Why does the SME Project exist?

Direction + Digital = Success

We provide a results focused business and digital strategy training programme that focuses businesses owners on what they want, what they need to do to achieve it and then how they can get there in the quickest possible time.

The SME Project


Our accelerator program falls into two main sections…

Business Strategy

Taking stock of where you are now, where you want to be and figuring out what is the best way to get there in the quickest possible time.

Digital Strategy

In the world we live in most businesses will benefit from having the right digital strategy. We show you how to get an advantage on the competition and prove it’s not the businesses with the deepest pockets that can get success online.

About the SME Project

Getting Focused on results

The SME project was founded after extensive research Identified a key problem why business are struggling. There are many services and support for SME’s yet little that focuses on what we believe is the most important factor – results. We combined the best business coaching principles with leading digital strategies and mentors to create an accelerator programme focused on results.

The SME Project comprises of Dan Robinson, a Business coach and former talent scout for BBC and Simon McCaskill European masterclass trainer for Google and Lead trainer for the Digital Boost Academy.

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